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While conducting interviews for my upcoming ILTA webinar on coping with eDiscovery provider acquisitions, a sharp litigation support manager posed a hypothetical scenario based on the ransom hack of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.  We were discussing contingency plans, liability and concern over loss of data when a provider went out of business or was acquired. Very few of my initial interview respondents were seriously concerned with data loss for a normal M&A event. But at least one raised the concern about all that email data being uploaded into Relativity. How many attachment zips and links could hold the same kind of ransomware that encrypted Hollywood Presbyterian? Most of the hosting/SaaS contracts that I have recently reviewed for RFP engagements have clauses that make the client responsible for the content of all uploads and specifically call out malicious code. Does that take the provider off the hook? Would the bench grant a production date extension or relief if 2 months of review work product was made unavailable due to criminal hacking? Who is liable to remediate any lost work or data? Who should pay the ransom if it is low enough?

Not being an attorney, I don’t have any answers to these questions. Instead, I recommend addressing the risks associated with your hosted eDiscovery the same way a CSO addresses key corporate systems. Have a disaster recovery plan before you sign a contract. Know your provider’s backup systems and understand the potential for loss and availability. Have a migration plan with a defined cost and time frame. I hope to delve into these questions in the April 12th ILTA webinar with Duane Lites from Jackson Walker. In the meantime, thank you for taking my quick M&A Impact Poll and reach out to me if you have a good war story about your tech or service provider being gobbled up.

Stay skeptical my friends!

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