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With eDiscovery providers large and small being gobbled up in the consolidation rush, the odds are good that one of your preferred providers will be rollup up into KrolLDiscovery, DTI or Consilio at some point. This trend has VC’s and investment banks trying to figure out how to minimize the multiples paid while maximizing the ‘synergy’ between companies. So what does that mean when your favorite sales rep is lost to the inevitable post acquisition RIF and the header has changed on your latest invoice? The reality is that no one can predict the fallout from a merger or acquisition (M&A) in mid review or post production defense of process. I have guided clients through migrations, renegotiated terms and performed ‘Humpty Dumpty’ exercises to reconstruct years of eDiscovery history after the primary players have moved on to greener pastures. Most of the time, it has been business as usual from the client perspective while provider employees scramble to figure out new protocols and technology from the parent company. All of this M&A activity makes a good research topic and hopefully a better webinar for ILTA on April 12th at 11am CST (link to be posted asap). So take my 1 minute survey and shoot me an email if you have provider M&A war stories to share. As always, if you want to see a good list of recent M&A activity, check out Rob Robinson’s Complex Discovery page.

Stay skeptical my friends!

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