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Note to self. Politely decline future destination wedding invitations on either side of Legal Tech. That should explain the delay in getting out my remaining briefing/meeting notes. I usually clear the week after LTNY to decompress, digest all the information and follow up on the stack of biz cards from folks who I ran into at the show. This year I am juggling three hot engagements, while fighting for writing time. The briefings and social events on days Two and Three gave me a lot to think about, more than I want to publish without some retrospection. Below are my ‘filtered’ briefing notes for an early taste.


  • “LogikCull is more than eDiscovery”
  • Shifting focus in response to FOIA, compliance, HR and other usage cases
  • Tackle the 90% of internal smaller scale matters instead of the 10% of firm managed matters
  • Very proud of their high level of customer satisfaction
  • Recent customer ROI study showed savings of $110k/user/year
    • Average only 2 users per matter (don’t need more)
    • 89% cull rate (eDJ says that this lines up with our client’s 85-95% cull rates with good relevance criteria)
  • Focus on “Legal Intelligence”


  • The Sheehy brothers relinquish the reins
    • eDJ – My best wishes to Eddie and Morgan in their new endeavors
  • Executive restructuring to lay foundation for IPO and new market growth
  • Nuix CEO search ongoing
  • Nuix remains cash positive with significant employee ownership
  • Taking Nuix from point solution to platform
    • Bringing live data sources together “Fusion Environments”

    Version 7.0 laid the search and database foundation for ‘hyper’ scale

  • Focus on Cyber Security with the goal of real-time intelligent endpoint security
  • Selling insights vs. processing data

Fronteo (UBIC/Evolve)

eDJ – Before my notes, I have to say that this was one of the most confusing and fun briefings I have conducted in years. I was not sure if Fronteo was trying to be a service provider or a research analyst. Either way it was fun to meet someone who seemed to enjoy survey results as much as I do. Back to my notes…

  • Releasing new market research on Business Intelligence
  • One of only two Relativity One Certified Partners (out of 120 Relativity service partners)
  • Services vs. commodity
  • Created a BI model platform on Relativity
    • eDJ translation – they are able to report metrics across cases
  • New forensics survey in motion

TRU Staffing

  • Focus on talent with dual eDiscovery/Cyber Security skills and certifications
  • Perceive a major talent shortage for security certified personnel
  • Partnership with SANS for educational/vocational certifications
  • Security salaries growing at 20-40% annual rate
  • 2008 economic downturn forced eDiscovery personnel into contract staffing positions, laid foundation for managed staffing contracts and careers

Total Discovery (spun out of BIA)

  • Not a service company
  • Focus on corporate collection/hold customers
    • Has a no cap-ex license model for firms
  • More insight earlier
  • Packaging collections, questionnaires and holds in one platform
  • Connections vs. collections

Vound – Intella

  • Desktop and server investigation/ECA platform
  • Interesting model for M&A support scenario
  • Potential Summation iBlaze replacement
  • Direct ingestion of forensic packages
    • FTK, Cellebrite, NSF
  • Connector collections
    • SharePoint, Dropbox, Skype, MSN Messenger
  • Designed as a desktop workhorse with minimal user training
  • Affordable ECA
  • “Don’t Make Me Think”

IST Discover-E

eDJ – When my client wanted me to meet with them I said, “IST who?”. But IST was a good reminder that mid-tier service providers can have deep experience and tech chops without having played the national branding game.

  • 20 year service company founded in facility/records management
  • While many service providers abandon scanning and hard copy, IST started there
  • PM’s have minimum 12 years experience
  • Heavy investment in custom programmers to meet client demands
  • Relativity hosting with custom modules
    • Drag/drop processing and loading in Relativity
    • Time billing app directly in Relativity
  • eDJ – One of few service providers encountered who has adopted Relativity processing engine

Stay skeptical my friends!

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