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I decided to just get you my raw notes and impressions from the exhibit hall floor, formal briefings and shop talk.

First Impressions:

  • Orange continues to be the new black. Seems that everyone wants to imitate kCura
  • Automation is everywhere. Frequent flyer marketing terms include Simple, Efficient, Automated, Integrated.
  • What’s with all the empty booths? Kept seeing booths without reps.
  • Good size crowd of attendees, but serious reduction in the number of booths. The entire 3rd floor  is empty.
  • Briefing sessions alternated between the Sheraton and the London. Problem is that several elevators were out at the Sheraton…
  • How do I know it is Legal Tech time? It’s snowing!
  • Don’t do videos or even demos beyond screen shots at conference. Save them for post conference online meetings.


Briefing/Meeting/Social Notes:


  • Add automation platform
  • Full Cloud platform –
  • Self service – embedded FTP, no compression or restart. Process now or later. Simple web form
  • Streaming processing during upload.
  • Direct streaming to Relativity
    • Does this devalue IPRO ADD as a full platform?
  • HTML5 – mobile access. Dashboard, status statistics, live transcript synchronization
  • Review interface is still in alpha release stage
  • Visual Search, customized field facets
  • Media manager – more full functioned CoC. Can mount desktop forensic media.
  • Hot Neuron – Clustify – TAR 3.0 continuous improvement/batching
  • Training sampling driven by document cluster profile, not raw sampling


Cloud Nine

  • Self service automated cloud platform
    • Sound familiar?
  • Company has an 80/20 focus on technology over services
  • Automated Relativity ingestion
    • Sound familiar?
  • Enterprise data discover – direct from clients
    • On-premise index/search/collection through partner tool sets. Direct ingestion
  • Be a technology, not a commodity
  • Client driven processing straight to relativity. 100% automation
    • Seeing a trend?


Cullable – iDS Platinum

  • SaaS OCR service in open beta
  • $0.005/page flat rate
  • 4k pages/hour
  • Google Vision API based
  • Generates text files and load files
  • Load file includes confidence score on OCR quality
  • Page level warning and error log
  • <1% OCR errors/failures
  • Q2 will add PDF Conversion module


kCura-Relativity (red additions based on kCura feedback)

  • New thread visualization from CAAT
  • Focus on Relativity One as primary delivery vehicle for new features, followed by major on-prem releases
  • 2 Certified Relativity One channel partners out of 120 partners.
  • “We are not being bought by Microsoft!”
    • The market thinks you protest too much
  • Hybrid deployment integration – on premise processing/culling/ECA and review in cloud
  • O365 integration – primarily manual selection/collection of data sources. For E5 license clients, can pull search results for selective collection
  • Relativity on premise license requires a 3 year user based subscription. CAAT analytics licensed on user or volume capacity.
  • Relativity One license is also sold as a 3 year user based subscription, plus basically an activation fee and volume capacity data fees. Capacity is based on what is loaded for review, not what is processed, culled.
    • eDJ sees this as a potential conflict with channel partners, as they are addicted to billing based on global custodial collection size vs. actual review set size. 



iDiscovery Solutions

  • Not a formal briefing, but worth noting that iDS continues to expand upstream security and discovery capabilities.
  • The addition of security audit and consulting services differentiates iDS from traditional service providers


FTI Technology


Stay skeptical my friends!

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