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As I return to take briefings and monitor all my news engines, I am struck by the challenges faced by all of kCura’s competitors. There is no denying that Andrew Sieja has maneuvered Relativity into being the default hosted review platform for large discovery matters. The majority of recent eDJ RFP engagements for managed services have boiled down to what flavor of Relativity the client wants vs. whether they are willing to fight their retained counsel over using an alternative platform. Thus the differentiation theme I keep seeing in my provider briefings. They all trot out what they can do better and cheaper than Relativity as if that should convince AmLaw buyers to jump ship. We saw a similar hype cycle with Clearwell before the product went to hide in the Symantec portfolio. (to be fair, this seems to be the fate of EVERY eDiscovery product acquired by a software Borg) It will be interesting to see how this plays out against the Microsoft-Equivio team’s steady progress towards free in-place eDiscovery functionality. Returning to my briefing by the TCDI Fox team, let’s give you the highlights:

Product Overview: TCDI Fox is a self-service Cloud version of TCDI’s flagship ClarVergence 6 product. In fact, they operate off the same database platform and customers can upgrade/convert Fox matters to full CV6 functionality without having to migrate anything. It features a user/mobile friendly HTML5 interface intended for a simple, fast workflow for a limited number of counsel/reviewers to triage uploaded collections for ECA or fast productions.

TCDI Take Aways:

  • TCDI says that large law firms are starting to question kCura’s rising prices and forcing purchase of modules/functionality that they do not need.
  • Many new SaaS-Cloud eDiscovery products have no or limited PM support. TCDI’s service infrastructure allows PM on demand for Fox and CV6 customers.
  • CV Fox and CV 6 use same back ground platform, so instant conversion from self-service to traditional full function. Fox gives SMB customers an adoption path with an escalation option for matters that do not settle or balloon.
  • CV 6 was founded in 1990s for large, complex litigation matters. Mature, in-depth features requiring a high customer commitment and skill.
  • CV Fox is streamlined web based workflow and GUI.
  • Intuitive navigation, filter and tagging for fast counsel adoption.
  • Recent sales stories include firms deciding to abandon on-premise review platforms for cloud deployment/SaaS.
  • Recent article, “ABA: Law Technology Today Article on Security with SaaS Providers” by Rick Clark of TCDI.  did SaaS article for ABA
  • Discovery Work Flow (DFW) TCDI’s own processing engine. Custom modules/pieces like FDA submission format module.
  • Case management module from CV6 has now been incorporated into CV Fox.
    • Import matter documents with analytics.
    • Visualization of cross matter analytics – Case Intelligence.
    • Jurisdiction, judges, motion status, date timelines.

Stay skeptical my friends!

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