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Our House of Trees - 5 years in the makingMy name is Greg and I am a recovering eDiscovery consultant, market analyst, researcher and blogger. I hope my readers have missed my sometimes acerbic, always unfiltered commentaries while I struggled to complete my dream home last quarter. If you have ever contemplated building a house, DON’T if you value your sanity, savings and relationships. The good news is that I am back. The other news is the slow transformation of eDJ Group back to a pure consulting practice. In essence, Mikki and I have returned to what we do best, solving eDiscovery problems and saving clients money. It took a year for all this to shake out and for me to decide what to do with the eDJ brand and research engine that so many of you have participated in or used for research on trends, products and best practices. The good news is that we have wonderful clients who want us to stay independent, so I am not selling eDJ to one of the new eDiscovery borgs that have been Pac-Man gobbling up all the small providers. Instead, I am working with my old developer to convert the website to a completely free commentary hub. So what does that mean?

Every expert has an obligation to keep current on their area, market and news. There is no real ‘CLE’ for eDiscovery or InfoGov. Thus I have to keep doing independent research, skeptically reading the deluge of press releases and participating in our nascent standards bodies. If I want to stay on the cutting edge of our world, I have to live by the old academic axiom of ‘publish or perish’. What I miss from the old eDiscoveryJournal.com site was your feedback. Not just to me (and you are not shy about pointing out any misperceptions or new toys that I have missed). More than that, I miss launching a controversial topic and getting to watch the spirited discussion that our old WordPress site made possible. So the goal of the new eDJ 2.0 site is to find a way to foster that kind of interaction without the constant marketing messaging and swarms of sales piranhas that has killed the Yahoo LitSupport and other unmoderated social media platforms.

Most of all, I am happy to be out of the market analyst business and back to solving client problems. Expect my blog to be unfiltered and for my personal life to creep in a bit where it is relevant to my topic du jour. I am no longer trying to produce professional research for sale, just doing what I do best, honestly pontificating about what I love to do.

So what can you do in this eDJ 2.0?

Write. Ask questions. Send me links. Take a survey. Send a good blog to someone who needs it.

I will publish any original perspective, best practice or other valuable content that is free of marketing fluff and clearly declares any potential bias or financial motives. I am happy to publish content anonymously as long as I have been able to validate your true identity and clearly declare your market role/background for readers.

More to come. Stay skeptical my friends!

Greg Buckles wants your feedback, questions or project inquiries at Greg@eDJGroupInc.com. Contact him directly for a free 15 minute ‘Good Karma’ call. He solves problems and creates eDiscovery solutions for enterprise and law firm clients. His active research topics include analytics, mobile device discovery, the discovery impact of the cloud, Microsoft’s Office 365/2013 eDiscovery Center and multi-matter discovery. Recent consulting engagements include managing preservation during enterprise migrations, legacy tape eliminations, retention enablement and many more.

Blog perspectives are personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a professional judgment. eDJ consultants are not journalists and perspectives are based on public information. Blog content is neither approved nor reviewed by any providers prior to being posted. Do you want to share your own perspective? eDJ Group is looking for practical, professional informative perspectives free of marketing fluff, hidden agendas or personal/product bias. Outside blogs will clearly indicate the author, company and any relevant affiliations. 

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