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If you can get to the ipro Innovations 2016 conference in Phoenix later this month, I will be doing a session on key eDiscovery trends on the 27th. This is one of my favorite user conferences and a great excuse for me to socialize while visiting great clients based in Phoenix. Unlike LTNY and others, admission to the sessions and social events are free. For CLE hungry attorneys out there, ipro has teamed up with the Sedona Conference to present a number of CLE-eligible sessions by several excellent speakers such as M. James Daley, David Shonka and Ken Withers.

My session will cover the exciting and potentially ominous changes in our market place. As always, it will be completely interactive and no questions are off limits as long as we keep client confidentiality. So register and join the conversation.

Greg’s Session Topics:

  • 2016 eDiscovery Market Consolidation
    • Managed services
    • SaaS
  • Analytics Adoption Update
    • CAAT acquisition – What will it mean for providers?
  • Office 365/Microsoft/Equivio Update
  • New generation data sources
    • IoT, Apple iPhone, Jabber
  • Information Governance – aspirational vs. operational
    • Cyber Security – The next wave?


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