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Good sales and PR reps know have a patient persistence that pays off. I try to respond to briefing requests, even when they are outside of my current research or client focus. Identification and analysis of production sets is generally at the wrong end of the discovery lifecycle for our corporate clients. ESI’s lab’s marketing rep put up with being put off through the hectic pre/post LTNY weeks and earned a briefing for his client. In this age of cloud platforms and corporate ‘everything-in-one’ document management multitasking systems, the Production Analyzer  is a throwback to old school single purpose software. You point it at an incoming or outgoing TIFF-text production set and it gives you a report that flags all the redactions; black box, text overlay or hybrid. My eDJ Matrix shows at least 14 unique offerings with automated redaction features developed to address increasing concerns over PII and cross border privacy mandates. Some of them have good logs to track redactions, but none of them that I have demo’d enable you to compare across production sets or versions of documents. Here are my briefing notes:

  • New product – Production Analyzer – Identification of redacted documents
  • Primarily image and raw text based analysis – inbound/outbound
  • No native file redaction detection yet
  • Black box and text redactions
  • Ability to verify redaction logs on rolling productions
  • Export report/load file – Concordance/EDRM XML format
  • No direct integrations yet with Relativity or other review platforms
  • Redaction comparison functionality to identify un-redacted documents associated with amended redaction lists
  • Roughly 100k pages/hour on typical enterprise servers
  • Tiered pricing model on 250k page chunks for ~$200; roughly ¢1/page
  • Can be run in cloud for remote analysis
  • XML result file with console to preview/QC before import to review platform
  • Multiple production comparisons
  • Improve OCR by identification and removal of redaction artifacts prior to OCR

The low price point makes this a no-brainer for law firm support teams with large discovery productions containing highly sensitive redactions. Do you know of another product with this functionality? Send me a note so that I can update the eDJ Matrix now that we have a Redaction Identification feature. The market abhors a monopoly.

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