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The forensic security software world has always been a bit strange and incestuous when you peek behind the PR curtain. The core code for modern forensic collection software was created by or for law enforcement or other government agencies. The customers were early CSI geeks like me back in the 1980-90’s. We did not have real budgets and were happy sharing hacks, root kits and command line scripts as we struggled to keep up with rapidly evolving data sources. From my perspective, AccessData has struggled with reclaiming their brand identity after acquiring Summation and launching their own eDiscovery services division. They have returned their focus to selling forensic and security software, but consumers do not follow sudden left turns of the brand like ex-analysts. So AccessData has needed something to reinforce the return to core offerings. They have recruited Victor Limongelli to be Chairman of the Board after a decade managing their primary competitor Guidance Software. Wow. Talk about having to dance around potential conflicts of interest and accidental disclosures of confidential information. The good news for AccessData investors and customers is that Victor may be able to ‘speak truth’ to the strong executive personalities steering the AccessData ship. He knows the market and I cannot believe that he would have taken the role if he did not see a strong opportunity for the products. I will be watching for shareholder or similar legal actions.  

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