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If you missed my webinar today, I believe that the recording will soon be available on the EDRM and Ipro websites. My advance apology for the neighbor’s car alarm that cut off my last interview story at the end of the hour. Those of us who work from home understand that neighbors, construction, mailmen and worse create unexpected background interruptions. Never one to just leave an audience hanging, I thought I would finish the point here.

I have conducted more than 37 formal and informal interviews on analytic adoption and PC/TAR usage in the last year. Only one respondent had a client who used analytics on 100% of their matters. This global energy company has an AFE with a boutique service provider that covers ALL their eDiscovery processing/hosting/support costs. That itself is unusual, though we are seeing more clients at least ask for managed service quotes this year. The provider has qualified project managers, trainers and PC/TAR experts to support the cases. The Associate General Counsel (AGC) of litigation participated in early PC/TAR training and testing for a major case. The provider delivered a formal ROI report on the PC/TAR review and the pre-review analytic culling that confirmed the multi-million dollar savings. Because there was no upcharge or cost for analytics in their contract, the AGC required every relevant staff member to attend a luncheon presentation by the provider and use appropriate analytics on EVERY matter.

This is a relatively unique adoption story, but I wanted to give a counterpoint to some of the negative reactions that I found in my interviews. Our industry oversold, over-promised and oversimplified PC/TAR as an eDiscovery Easy Button. Many practitioners tried PC/TAR on a big, important case where the results did not live up to the sales hype. Just because over 50% of my survey respondents used PC/TAR on <10% of their matters does not mean that it is only appropriate for giant collections or fast regulatory requests. The technology and workflows are improving. There is no eDiscovery Easy Button, but there are tools that can improve your discovery lifecycle.

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