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I participated in an ACEDES Metro New York Chapter 15 minute podcast by Joseph Bartolo (Kiersted) and Bradley Schaffel (Wilmer Hale) today. I will add a link when it is published to the regional or national ACEDES sites. They are aiming at 15-20 interviews covering ACEDES eDiscovery members, law firm lit support and other subject matter experts like myself. The series is pretty open format with the following topic questions and my answer points below.

  • What is an emerging eDiscovery trend that you would like to discuss?
    • Cloud Infrastructure – O365, Google, etc.
  • What eDiscovery issue do you think may become more prominent in the near future?
    • Mobile devices/users
  • What areas do you think need improvement by eDiscovery providers (or by law firms)?
    • Flexible managed service models – getting away from $/GB
  • What is your greatest concern when dealing with a litigation matter that involves large volumes of ESI?
    • Defensibility of upstream process
  • What do you see as the greatest current challenge for the litigation support community?
    • Surviving the transition from reactive services to integrated business lifecycle function
  • What reference resources do you recommend to learn more about eDiscovery?
    • Not many. Practitioners are generally unwilling to pay for formal education outside of a few law school backed programs like the ASU-Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Program. Marketing dollars embedded hidden bias into most free ‘edutrainment’ webinars, whitepapers and conference sessions.

Here is the link to the Podcast – 


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