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Andy Wilson’s call to “end eDiscovery” as we know it is not just a clever bit of guerilla marketing. His slings and arrows of outrageous fortune justly criticizes the stubborn immaturity of eDiscovery buyers compounded by the $/GB avarice from vendors. Been there, wrote that blog a few times. It is good stuff and good fun. Outdated approaches and purchasing models do drive up costs. I think that he missed one of the key causes to this ‘stain’ on our industry. Babies and puppies make messes because they do not know better. Immature eDiscovery buyers are frequently isolated by the adversarial and confidential nature of our art. So called educational webinars and other free resources are almost entirely created by marketing departments to support those same high margin offerings that we are criticizing. We need to break down the walls of self-censorship. Why can’t we publish pricing? Why do vendors refuse or ignore RFI/RFP forms that force them into clear apple to apple comparisons? Besides the usual update lag, why  are there only 53 out of 886 offerings in my eDJ Matrix that have published pricing? We cannot expect providers to go against their own self interest, especially those with shareholders or investors to placate. So it is up to buyers to break down the barriers and help the entire industry become smart, mature practitioners.

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