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Following up on the recent press releases, I wanted to get the scoop on the new Cerebrant offering straight from Content Analyst. As a reminder, Cerebrant is Content Analyst’s first direct offering to end consumers instead of adding analytic functionality to one of their many eDiscovery partner solutions. Content Analyst is working hard to hammer home the message that Cerebrant is NOT intended for the eDiscovery market and that they will NOT be competing with their eDiscovery OEM partners. Having now demo’d Cerebrant, I can reassure you that it is not designed for eDiscovery. So what is it? Cerebrant is a hosted SaaS analytic interface enabling conceptual/similarity search and visualizations. That is what it does, but how can it be used? Content Analyst is focusing on supporting Pharma and Talent Management verticals initially, though customers can upload processed text and delimited metadata fields to the standard version. Below are my briefing notes:

  • CEO always told OEM partners that they would never compete in the eDiscovery market
  • eDJ- eDiscovery market MUST move upstream into IG market, so eventually Cerebrant will compete with some eDiscovery provider offerings
  • Content Analyst sees other BI markets (pharma, etc) as being larger than eDiscovery
    • eDJ- Yup. That is why providers must widen their own offerings
  • Cerebrant is a straight forward SaaS implementation of CAAT engine
  • Cerebrant visualizations available to OEM partners today
  • Standard and Pharma versions
  • First direct offering
    • eDJ – Will be interesting to see how Content Analyst deals with overhead and support in direct SaaS sales model. Big change in company structure and focus
  • Cerebrant available on a seat license – $5,500/month for 10 users
    • eDJ – limits market to large enterprise customers
  • Conceptually related content search, copy chunks of text to find similar
  • Term cloud visualization of search results
    • eDJ – Term clouds are a bit dated
  • Bubble visualizations are at least dynamic in document similarity threshold
  • Custom data sources requires text and CSV for fielded data. Some level of metadata entities. Location, company names, dates standard, but others will require customization.
    • eDJ – Will make service channel happy that they still can make the $/GB
  • Similarity highlighting in related results
  • Pivot to standard public data sources, Wikipedia, news, etc.
  • Talent management analytics – can do talent matching based on resume language as search
    • eDJ – Interesting possibility of resume ranking/matching for candidates based on skills/experience
  • Already signed first job board deal
  • Cutting through the labeling chaos. Use concepts to support talent search, categorization, etc. independent of terms and labels.
  • Focus/value is analysis instead of actionable infrastructure. So no tagging, bulk categorization, deletion or other workflows. Those are still left to CAAT OEM partners.


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