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Back in December I wrote a blog about my opinion on monthly hosting charges in this age of cloud storage. Safe to say that I think that the typical market rates of $10-15/GB/month for hosting your collection in a review platform is highway robbery. Many providers have shed their private ‘data centers’ and moved their servers and/or storage to the public (encrypted) cloud (Amazon or Azure). Some regulated or highly litigious customers need the illusion of security provided by provider ‘data centers’. Why do I keep putting ‘data centers’ in quotes? Because a locked room with redundant power and HVAC in a strip mall is NOT more secure than encrypted cloud storage. A small subset of providers have invested millions into  the very infrastructure and certifications that most CIO’s are trying to jettison, the rest make up the difference in marketing. When I received Evolve Discovery’s latest promotional email (below), I assumed that they could safely make this half price offer based on moving to cloud vs. privately hosted infrastructure. Oops. I work hard to verify assumptions before they make a ‘you-know-what’ out of me. Evolve is proud of their SSAE 16 certified private data center. So either they have negotiated a serious Relativity hosting discount from kCura (unlikely) or they are feeling the pricing pressure and want to lock in as many of the whales (big customers) as possible, even if means paying the transfer costs to their competitors. Fun times to watch the price of Relativity hosting plummet.

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