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When all else fails to get market traction, package your technology into a laptop-desktop-server form factor. That worked for Clearwell and clearly AccessData hopes that it will work for them. The old Summation did not need to be pre-installed or configured. But AD Summation is powered by MS SQL, not the old MS Access (Jet) database. Too be fair, the appliance is supported by a substantial chunk of training and support to help die-hard iBlaze users make the leap into modern eDiscovery technology. I get that an appliance tends to take the IT infrastructure arguments out of the picture, but that assumes that your IT group wants an exotic server in their data center or even has a physical data center any more. Nothing like finding a HP server sitting on a paralegal’s desk when the client wants you to debug intermittent shut down issue. This happens with IT wants nothing to do with the new legal department solution. AD Summation checks almost all the requirement boxes for a corporate eDiscovery platform and the previously published pricing was very competitive. I just cannot recommend appliances because of all of the fire drills that I have been put through when neglected appliances hit their storage limits or otherwise have normal, expected server problems. They make great sense for global corporations with remote EU privacy reviews or government agencies who need a fire-and-forget solution for investigations.

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