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An “eDJ Brief” is our short write up of biannual free product briefings that eDJ will do for any product that may impact the markets we cover. We have found that forcing a provider to speed demo their product in half an hour generally makes them get to their differentiators. The eDJ Brief is meant to help you understand where the product fits and our top take-aways rather than a traditional product review.

Company: C2C Systems

Offering: ArchiveOne Enterprise & ArchiveOne Advanced Discovery

Briefing by: Dave Hunt, CEO & Rich Turner, VP Strategic Marketing

Date: May 28, 2014

Overview: This briefing focused more on C2C’s strategic vision of ‘Pragmatic Information Management’ than my usual deep dive into a new release or technical foundations. If you have missed C2C, they provide enterprise software to manage Microsoft email, file and messaging capacity, discovery, retention and compliance needs of the mid market. They entered with email archiving market with ArchiveOne back in 2003. C2C’s value proposition is to enable customers to manage their unstructured data across live systems and archives from one interface. That now includes Office 365 email, but no mention of SharePoint or other non-email cloud data. They challenge the value of ‘integrated platforms’ for mid-market companies as being too expensive, complicated and difficult to implement. C2C seems on course to deliver non-disruptive tools for IT to tackle specific pain points such as migrations, defensible deletion rules and federated search/retrieval across unstructured data on premise and in the cloud.

Key Notes:

  • C2C sees a lack of clarity in the market regarding Information Governance. Thier take, “ the promise by competitors that an ROI can be achieved over multiple projects is more marketing hype than reality.”  
  • Option for in-place retention management of email in active user PST files instead of centralized archive.
  • Supports compliance email journaling from Office 365.
  • Defensible deletion in the wild based on rules. C2C stresses basics before investment in analytics beyond the budget range of most mid-market companies.
  • No local agent required for deployment and migrations





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