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At least, I can rest easy knowing that I’m not alone with my fuzzy memories.  I’ve received numerous “thanks for meeting with us at LegalTech” e-mail messages from vendors that I know I didn’t visit.  Even better are the multiple “thanks for meeting with us” e-mail messages that were not only erroneously sent to me, but were sent to an e-mail address I haven’t actively used in three years—which LegalTech mailing list are *these* vendors using?

I’ve long accepted the reality that many of the deals and partnering relationships discussed at LegalTech NY fail to take root and wither away.  LegalTech is a heady experience, full of excitement and froth, and sometimes, things that seemed like a good idea in the Hilton Lobby Bar make a lot less sense when re-examined in broad daylight.  By the same token, though, there’s a difference between wishful thinking and simply ignoring reality.  I expect LegalTech exhibitors to demonstrate at least basic attention to detail. If a solution provider can’t distinguish between “I’m glad I met you” and “I wish I’d had the chance to meet you,” they’re not laying much foundation for me to trust them with client-specific matters where even small errors can make the difference between success and failure. 

When I look at things from an exhibitor perspective, too, I get equally concerned:  why spend the time and effort scanning attendee badges if the sales team isn’t going to bother distinguishing between folks who stayed for a demo and people who walked by without the slightest interest? 

Details.  Success is driven by the details.

Conrad Jacoby – eDiscovery Expert Consultant – Seventh Samurai 

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