eDJ Group Code of Ethics

eDJ Group offers unbiased information, pragmatic advice, and a unique perspective on information governance and eDiscovery trends and best practices. We do not offer legal advice or counsel. Rather, we are committed to helping our clients get the information necessary to excel in their professions.

One of our greatest assets is integrity and, as such, we operate with a creed based on these guiding principles:


  • Vendors do not dictate our perspective
  • Our research content will be free of sponsor sales messaging
  • Our webinar sponsors do not generate content
  • Our webinar sponsors do not direct or influence content
  • Our content is technology and service agnostic
  • We are transparent about the solution provider vendors that we work with. Due to the sensitive legal nature of much of our work with corporations, law firms, and government agencies, we are typically unable to disclose those types of clients.

High ethical standard

  • Our content is honest perspective based on real experience and interactions with thousands of practitioners
  • Our content details successes and failures, positive and negative information without favoritism and devoid of any salacious bashing

Commitment to providing a gateway to eDiscovery knowledge

  • Our content removes the marketing “noise” from internet search, news, and eDiscovery-related sites
  • Our content serves the needs of our readers, not our sponsors; we write to answer the questions that eDiscovery practitioners have


  • Our goal is to help our clients get the information they need to do their jobs; we actively seek feedback and suggestions for content

Pragmatic, Experienced Expertise

  • Our content is written by industry experts with decades of experience in information governance and eDiscovery

We take the privacy of our readers and sponsors seriously.