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SharePoint/Teams Components and Locations

(Common eDiscovery targets – default content types)

  • Documents/Files – multiple item types – Stand alone files are stored in the Document Libraries. Can get size/count for individual document libraries with this PowerBI method.
    • Hidden/Alternative locations – Versions, Recoverable Items, held items
  • Lists – Multiple Item types – Event, Link, Contact, Task, Announcement
  • Pages – filetype:aspx
  • Forms – Actual form filetype:xml, form data can be stored as flat file(s) in doc library, in list or other data connections.
  • Messages – kind:im – Post/IM stored in Group or individual mailbox
  • Digital assets – filetype:(extension) – Audio, video and images
  • Teams default adds –
    • Wiki/Whiteboard – filetype:mht
    • Notebook/Notes  – filetype:one

SharePoint components and objects have a wide range of standard and extensible properties. The default tenant index includes the below searchable properties. The blue columns are copied directly from the Microsoft documentation found here. The last column contains practical observations and recommendations from ongoing eDJ testing, client observations and your input. Every M365 tenant configuration, feature rollout and content are unique. The Microsoft Purview team rolls out new features and fixes constantly. We rate and comment monthly on those with eDiscovery impact on the M365 Road Map page. Please comment (registered users) or use the feedback form with your own observations so that we can keep this information evergreen and accurate. Close the left navigation bar for better table view.

SharePoint Properties

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